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Burj Dubai Tower

Burj Dubai Tower is a majestic tower that reaches for the sky with its 598,5 meters height and 158 floor levels. The tower is expected to be finished during the year of 2008, with an estimated total fee of 1,8 milliard dollars. The company based of Dubai, Emaar Properties, is behind the development of Burj Dubai Tower.

Burj Dubai on the Dubai skyline
Burj Dubai, 2008

Until just recently, the building Taipei 101 in Taiwan, was the tallest building in the world. When the progressing construction of Burj Dubai Tower is finished during 2008, it will be the world’s tallest building. A simile in the movie clip below is that Burj Dubai is just as high as two Empire Statue Buildings stapled on top of each other

Burj Dubai Bird View Perspective
Burj Dubai, 2007

There is no question that Burj Dubai will be the world’s tallest building. There are, however, a pair of world records to beat along the way up; 628,8 and 646,4 meters. The lower height is presented by a tv-tower and the higher height, which a radio tower by Konstantynow in Warsawa, Polen, had before it fell, 1991.

According to the leader of the project of Burj Dubai, the tower will be higher than 700 meters and have a total of 160 floor levels. As a compare, World Trade Center in New York with its height of 417 meters, had 110 floors.

Video: Burj Dubai

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