Jumeirah.se - Guide till Dubai

Creekside park

A park near The (Dubai) Creek. It has aerial cableway and a mini-Lego land. It’s open every day, 8-23. Curtain days, only open for women and children. A smaller beach is hooked up to Creekside park but no swimming is recommended.

Safa Park

A big park in Jumeirah. Availabilities to play soccer, tennis, basket ball and there’s also a jogging route around the park. During the weekends, it tends to be more people, and many families travels here to barbeque. The park is open every day from 8-23, curtain days, only for women and children.

Jumeirah Beach Park

The Beach Park of Jumeirah is centred about 6 kilo metres south of Dubai Centrum, hooked up with the beach and is being visited by tourists who search for sun and water.

Jumeirah Beach Park

Here’s pick nick-tables, an area for barbeque and small spaces for the children to play in. There’s also a volley ball plan, showers and swimming pools under watch. Open hours are 8-22:30. Thursday-Friday, open to 23:00. One day a week, only open for women and children. Admission ca 5 AED.

Jumeirah Open Beach

One of few beaches in Dubai, totally free. The beach is a little dirty, but all right. It’s called the “Russian Beach”, because many of its visitors are Russians.

Jebel Ali Beach

A big and quite unvisited beach, outside of town. Free. Here, you can have yourself a beer, which is usually prohibited in public property. Consider that when you’re having a barbeque in a park.

More beaches

The biggest and most beautiful beaches belong to the hotels along the coast. The beaches are well taken care of, but can cost many hundred Swedish crowns per person to access, if you’re not a guest on the hotel. To sneak your way in is not recommended.