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November 19, 2007
Visit Dubai as soon as possible, because in 50 years, Dubai will be located under the surface, unless the climate threat is stopped. The extra-ordinary living projects Palm Jumeirah and The World will be flooded.

Sir Richard Branson tells about this scenario and donates 3 milliard US-dollars from his profit gained from his airline Virgin. The donation will pay for the development of environmentally friendly energy. The carbon dioxide is the big thief in the drama, and Branson has promised a reward of 25 million Us-dollars to the person who will, through burning up fossile fuels, erase the harmful carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

November 1, 2007
Tiger Woods golf course, Al Ruwaya, planned to be ready in the end of 2009, will be more than large, green golf courses. Al Ruwaya will be a golf community, where interested can buy houses. The costs are between 12 million and 23 million Us-dollars

Oktober 15, 2007
The green line of Dubai’s subway system is reported to work as planned, with a completion of 11 percent. Just like all other big cities, Dubai suffers from increasing car traffic and Dubai Metro is an answer to that.

October 13, 2007
Packat & Klart, a Swedish travel TV show, had a report about Dubai. The focus was pointed in the contrasts of Dubai, with Ski Dubai on the one side and the poor Pakistani construction work on the other hand.

October 9, 2007
ETA Star, a real estate company in the United Emirates of Arabia, will shine on the Cityscape 2007, which starts the 16th – 18th of October, 2007. The reason is that ETA Star will present its living arrangement project La Italia, which will be a residential area inspired by Italy, in Falcon City of Wonders.

La Italia is planned to be made of smaller apartment complexes and detached houses, located in the traffic free areas Venice, Rom and London, parts of Falcon City of Wonders.

October 4, 2007
The Indian construction company, BSEL Infrastructure Realty Limited, has begun the rise of BSEL Pearl Tower, a living arrangement- and office complex in the northern areas of Dubai.

Pearl Tower is located 20 minutes by car, from Dubai International Airport and will, when it’s ready, offer living arrangements on the 40 out of 50 floors. Resting floors are reserved for offices and other commercial business.

Among the extra’s, there’s a health club (Spa/gym/pool) on the 48th floor and a helicopter platform on the 49th floor. BSEL states that a curtain percent of the floors already are sold, but they can’t tell how large part it really concerns.

The areas to be sold in the first phase will be on ca 750,000 square meters and the total area of the complex, floors included, is estimated to 2, 6 million square meters!

October 3, 2007
To work against traffic stoppage, General Secretariat of the Dubai Executive council has asked employers to introduce flexible working schedules in Dubai city.

October 1, 2007
Dubai has recently made itself known to Sweden, through bidding on OMX. The rival, Nasdaq, later became a partner in the bidding war that followed, when the Qatar Emirate entered the stage. Articles In Swedish financial news, tells that Qatar Is settling with the percent they managed to buy from OMX and even if they are reaching for an increase in its profit in OMX, teamwork with Dubai isn’t completely out of question.